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Specials & Events

Our weekly and monthly specials are constantly changing and expanding. For further information give us a call!

Leatherstocking Vet Specials & Events

Small Animal Clinics Specials & Events

$20 Farm Call Deal

The LVS $20 Farm Call Deals are only in February and March! Call our office at 607-847-9990 to schedule your farm’s appointment!

Leatherstocking is offering their fantastic group farm call discount again! This is for owners who book their spring vaccines on a day we are scheduled to be in your location. Schedule your spring vaccines when the farm call is only $20! Last year, some of the area appointments filled up quickly, so please call and reserve your appointment at least one week prior to your area’s service date.

Small Animal Wellness Programs

Wellness programs for adult cats and dogs as well as puppies and kittens are available through Heritage Veterinary Clinic. The great deals that you’ll find in these programs will provide the best care for more affordable prices to ensure your pet will live a long, happy, healthy life!