In our hospital, euthanasia isn’t scary or painful. A sedative will be given first, followed by an anesthetic. This ensures that your pet will not be scared or in pain. It also affords you the opportunity to say goodbye. While you are welcome to stay with your pet through the entire procedure, some people prefer to leave after the pet is no longer aware you are there. When you are ready, the euthanasia injection will be given. Involuntary actions (reflex) may occur which are not painful. These may include exhaling, urination, or muscle twitching that lasts a few moments. Your pet’s eyes will not close automatically. +

Cremation & Burial Options

Leatherstocking Veterinary Group is proud to work closely with the incredible team at Faithful Friends Pet Crematory. Though there is no substitute for the unconditional love of your pet, Faithful Friends helps to provide a cherished memorial to help them close to your heart. Located in Morris, NY, owners Nan and Fred Johnston and their compassionate team provide a full range of memorializing services including urns, markers, pawprints and so much more. Our hospital offers two cremation service options. If you would like to have the cremains returned to you, please let our staff know.

You may also choose burial in a cemetery or at home. Please be aware there may be government regulations that need to be observed.