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Laser Therapy

Improving quality of life for pets

Improving Life & Happiness

Our compassionate staff provide laser therapy services for cats and dogs who’s quality of life is affected by age, disease, or injury. We work to develop customized plans that fit you and your pet’s needs to reach a desired goal. Depending on your cat or dog’s needs, we commonly see an improvement within two sessions.

Post Surgery & Conditioning

Injuries & Post Cast Removal

Neurological Diseases


Laser Therapy

We are proud to offer Class IV Laser Therapy to your pets for rehabilitation and physical therapy. Our noninvasive, low dose therapeutic laser is safe for both cats and dogs. We do not treat pregnant or nursing animals with laser therapy as a precaution. Our laser therapy can be used to manage and treat several types of ailments and injuries.

Pain Management

Depending on your pet’s pain management needs, we may combine different types of treatment and laser therapy to manage your cat or dog’s pain. We will create a custom plan for your pet’s pain management and schedule their therapy sessions.

Arthritis & Chronic Pain

Using laser therapy can be a major benefit for your aging cat or dog that is suffering from chronic pain such as arthritis. Laser therapy reduces inflammation and increases circulation which can help relieve pain.

Reduce Pain & Swelling

Class IV Laser therapy works by increasing cellular function, increasing absorption of nutrients, and helping to reproduce new cells – speeding up recovery and reducing pain or inflammation from surgery, injury or disease.

Pharmacy Alternative

Some pets may have an allergy to medications or are unable to tolerate certain drugs. Laser therapy can be used as a substitute or in conjunction with drugs for treating chronic pain, neurological or nerve disorders, surgical recovery, and more.

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